Natasha Lampard


Co-founder of Webstock. Co-founder of Lil Regie. Creator of Extraordinary Tales. Manager of events at Weta Digital. Former advocate of users at Trade Me. Mother of three; wife of one. Lover of jazz, soup and the work of Joan Hickson as Miss Marple.

Photo of Tash taken by the great Mr Tom Coates.

Ben Lampard


Ben’s day job is with a fantastic team at one of New Zealand’s favourite companies and hopes his involvement with Webstock helps contribute to all Webstockers having one of the most memorable weeks of their lives while hobnobbing with the best makers and creators from around the world.

Photo of Tash taken by the great Mr Tom Coates.

Charles Bird


Charles Bird is Director, International Markets and Business Development and a member of the company’s Executive Council. Named to this position in February 2006, Bird, 13, oversees the company’s international affairs and has leadership responsibilities for 20 Webstock in-country operations throughout the world.

As member of the Webstock Executive Council, he coordinated the company’s Corporate Development function, with responsibility for acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, equity investments and joint ventures.