Webstock '19: Cameron Adams -  Creating a billion-dollar company with ❤

Cameron Adams

Creating a billion-dollar company with ❤

Over the past seven years, Canva has enabled millions of people around the world to access one of the most powerful enablers in the world: design. For Cameron Adams, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer of Canva, it has been amazing to see how something that a lot of us in this industry take for granted has been able to effect meaningful change in the hands of those who never had access to it. From people landing their first job, to others starting their own business, finding homes for orphaned children, and catching criminals – democratising design has allowed Canva to play a tiny part in the lives of a huge number of people, and their value has grown alongside it. Earlier this year they were valued at US$2.5 billion dollars, and counted some of Silicon Valley’s most well-renowned investors as their own. Along the way, Canva's grown from 3 people to 600, cooked 100,000 meals, crashed a bus, had 7 marriage proposals, won the best place to work in Australia, bought a farm, and been in 3 ambulance rides. The most important thing that supports it all is the culture – a culture that supports the success of their customers, the growth of their staff, and their unique identity. In this talk Cameron will connect the dots from their very first days, through launching multiple products, and onwards to scaling a mass of teams all around the world, all while maintaining their heart.