Why Wellington Rocks

Wellington is a gloriously compact city, and the Town Hall is right in the centre of it. Webstock is an awesome indoors experience, but make sure you get outside and explore! Here are a few places you might like to check out. It's not a list of everything, but all the places on the list come with the Wellingtonista seal of approval (unless otherwise stated).



Wellington is well known for its coffee culture. Most cafes in the inner city, and many in the suburbs, know how to pour good espresso, latte, or that Australasian specialty, the flat white. Local chains and roasteries whose outposts are generally reliable include Peoples (sic), Supreme, Fuel and Mojo. There are also a several places that stretch the boundaries a little and may be worth a special visit: among these are Customs Brew Bar, who have Wellington‘s only Slayer espresso machine, Memphis Belle, and Lamason, Wellington‘s only siphon bar; all three of which make fine espresso as well as single origin beans brewed in a number of interesting ways.

Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten-free and others who are dietarily challenged

Almost every restaurant & cafe in Wellington will offer you a vegetarian option, but finding vegan is harder to do. Some suggestions:

Late-night eating

If you've been out and get hungry, you have more options than MacDonalds and Burger King in Manners Mall and on Courtenay Place. All bars are obliged to offer some kind of food which often takes the form of toasted cheese sandwiches, but if you step out onto the streets, you'll find other places to eat.


If long days of geeking has taken it out of you and you want to just chill out at home, perhaps you're after food to take home or have it delivered to you?


BYO restaurants

Looking for something cheap to eat that you can take your own wine to? Here are some recommendations by eating style:


Places to buy booze in the city

If you want to buy wine or beer, you'll be able to find it at most dairies in the Cuba Street area, New World Metro at 68 Willis Street and the Railway Station, and New World Proper at 227 Wakefield Street. There is also a very nice wine shop called Wine Seeker conveniently located right across the road from Webstock. If spirits are your thing, there's Glengarry on Courtenay Place, Liquor King at 29 Kent Terrace, or the studenty The Mill at 233 Victoria Street.

Going out

Bars with room for 20+ people to invade

So you've got yourself a big group, and you're moving venues, or you've made plans to meet up with people and you've spread the word over Twitter. These venues are the most likely to have room for you and all your new friends:

Bars in which you can hear yourself talk

Conversations are generally the best if you can actually hear the person you're talking to, right? So if you're going for drink and a conversation, here are some places you might want to check out.

Bars to shake your groove thang in

Maybe you don't want to talk. Maybe you just wanna dance. These places were our nominations for "Best Place to Shake Your Thang" in our Wellingtonista awards, so you should be able to dance here!

Everything else

Getting around the city

You can walk everywhere in Wellington, but if you choose not to, buses in the inner city (from the Railway Station to Courtenay Place) will cost you just $2 (ask for a city fare). You can find out more information about the buses on the GoWellington website.

If you're after a taxi, the Wellingtonista like Green Cabs because it's a hybrid fleet. Their free-call number is 0508 4 Green. If Green Cabs aren't available, the biggest company in Wellington is Combined Taxis, on 0800 THE CAB.

Places that offer wifi

Free wifi is available outside around the waterfront thanks to Trade Me, and in the CBD thanks to @cbdfree.

If that's not enough for you, we hear rumours that large foreign generic "coffee shops" have their own kinds of wifi available in store, but we can neither confirm nor deny. Instead, we will point you to cafenet.co.nz for lists of places that you can buy prepaid wifi and receive signals, and also put in special recommendations for the following spots:

Tech supplies

Dick Smith Electronics in Manners Mall is the closest electrical shop. Their staff may seem a little aloof, but they tend to know their stuff, and best of all, their website will list availability of all their products.

JB HiFi downstairs on Willis Street is a huge store with all kinds of electronics, usually cheaper than most other stores.

The two big telecommunications companies Telecom and Vodafone have shops all over the place for your mobile needs.


You can walk around Wellington so easily that no doubt you'll be browsing freely, but here are the Wellingtonista's nominees for the best shops in town:



Movie buffs

City creatures

Beek guide to Wellington

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