Webstock '11: Nicole Sullivan - CSS Tools for Massive Websites

Nicole Sullivan

CSS Tools for Massive Websites

Perhaps you like the idea of Object Oriented CSS, but your website has out-of-control CSS bloat. You know your performance is being impacted, but how do you move from organic CSS with no particular architecture to something lighter, more logical, and easier to maintain? How do we automate some of the heavy-lifting and stop wasting our own time? CSS is typically the most difficult layer to automate, but a more clearly defined CSS architecture makes lint much more powerful. In this session, Nicole will show you how she improved the CSS at Salesforce, Box.net, and Facebook, and demo tools that you can use to test your own CSS. In the session you will learn about preprocessors, lint tools, and unit testing. By the end of the session, you'll be able to decide which tools are right for your project.