Webstock '15: Des Traynor - Product Strategy and Customer Success

Des Traynor

Product Strategy and Customer Success

A successful product launch needs more than modern beautiful design. Much more. And if by some rare miracle, you actually had a successful launch, keeping it going involves dealing with much much more opinions, data points, constraints and stakeholders than you ever wanted. Before you launch a product or feature you have infinite degrees of freedom, once it’s out there it’s a different beast. This talk is based on experience from the trenches, from founding start-ups, launching firework products that fizzled out in days and juggernaut products that went nowhere and took too long to get there. It will cover theory, techniques, and tactics for designing & launching new features and new products, including how to evaluate a new product or feature, how to solicit feedback for your product, how the jobs-to-be-done framework can help, and above all how to ensure your product is focussed on your customer’s success.