Webstock '19: Wison Miner - Seeing through the net

Wilson Miner

Seeing through the net

We give value to things by giving them our attention. Our lives are increasingly mediated by screens, and the main engine for profit in this digital environment is our attention. What happens to our values when we’re not in control of our attention? What is the impact on all of us of having our attention co-opted so efficiently, and so insatiably? As digital designers, our choices have the capacity to shape how people see the world, how they connect with others, and how they live. What happens when we choose to stop selling our own attention and work to create space for others to do the same? If we want to recover that curiosity, openness, excitement and optimism about the future we want to build, first we need to rediscover what it’s like to live in the present. In this talk, Wilson Miner will pick up where he left off in his last talk at Webstock in 2012, to consider the digital environment we’ve built and have been living in, in order to help us build tools and technology that embrace rather than replace our humanity and create a future that we can feel proud of.

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