Webstock '19: Sacha Judd -  I Still Believe in Heroes

Sacha Judd

I Still Believe in Heroes

We find ourselves at a crossroads, where our online social infrastructure is failing us. Our public unmoderated spaces are awash with misinformation, harassment, and hate speech, while the private solutions we jury-rig present their own set of challenges. Using the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a mirror for the successes and failures of our tech world, Sacha looks at the way communities have formed in the Marvel fandom – the history and the politics, the creativity and the gatekeeping – and what this might teach us about what we need to do differently going forward and the heroes we need – and need to be – right now for technology’s potential to be realised in a way that is positive, effective, humane and just. Slides and text: https://www.sachajudd.com/heroes