Webstock '14: Liza Kindred - The Future of Commerce

Liza Kindred

The Future of Commerce

Don’t look now, but shopping isn’t what it used to be. A bevy of exciting technologies have shifted power—and are even selling itself—to the customer and to grassroots marketplaces. Just like ecommerce transformed retail, concepts like me-commerce and recommerce are doing the same all over again, backed by an onslaught of new gadgets. The traditional over-the-counter, top-down relationship to the customer is under siege, creating both crisis and opportunity. Driving this shift is the unstoppable train of globalization. The world is shrinking, and consumers worldwide are becoming savvier and more demanding. At the same time, enormous markets are opening up for the first time, and the global appetite for fashion and luxury has never been stronger. Learn about the Chinese commerce website that recently did a billion dollars in sales in one day, the exploding fashion scene in Dubai, and how the move towards increasing transparency in manufacturing can benefit brands. Retail, fashion, and technology expert Liza Kindred provides an overview of what the future of commerce will look like – and how innovative companies are shaping tomorrow’s global commerce landscape, today.