To build and maintain great products now and in the future, we need to work smarter: to be more efficient, inclusive, considered and collaborative. And to do this, we need to build and maintain team health.

As former VP of Engineering at Kickstarter and Engineering Director at Etsy, and now coach, consultant and trainer for managers and leaders across the tech industry, Lara Hogan has spent over a decade growing emerging leaders and developing healthy teams. In this talk, Lara will draw on her experiences to explore the powerful, but all-too-often overlooked tools we have available to us as we work with and support our teammates, those who report to us, and those we report to.

Whether you’re feeling some friction with your co-workers, wrestling with some feedback you need to give, or you’re just trying to weather a season of change within your organisation, this talk will help you feel more equipped to navigate whatever you’re facing when you get back to work, to help you and your team succeed, and your users reap the benefits.