The Zombie Apocalypse of new mobile devices, platforms, and screen sizes has been raging for years. And just when we think we’ve got the zombies licked, a whole new wave of devices emerges, more powerful and more crafty than before. Will we ever find an approach to digital publishing that can drive a stake into the heart of multi-device design?

In this talk, we will review how content publishing processes and technologies have adapted to the onslaught of new devices. How have teams kept pace with the hunger for new interactions? Where have we found ways to keep ahead of the challenge, and where have we fallen behind? One thing is for certain: just as zombies never give up their desire for braaaaaaains, humans will never give up their demand for new technology. Karen McGrane will show us the way to not only survive the multi-device onslaught, but to take control, and to be ready for what comes next.