15 - 19 February 2010. Wellington, New Zealand


Webstock could not happen without our sponsors. Please support them as they've supported Wesbtock.

Gold Sponsor

SilverStripe are associated with John Resig and Mark Pesce.

We're very proud to be the Gold sponsor of Webstock 2010! We have massively enjoyed attending all the prior Webstocks and we've gotten a lot out of the sessions, the speakers, and the hallway conversations. At Webstock you can learn a huge amount just talking to someone in the queue to get a coffee.
And of course, being a Wellington-based company ourselves, we are delighted to support the Webstock crew in furthering Wellington as a globally-recognised centre of excellence for all things web. It's not every day that we can support something which puts New Zealand on the world stage, and we believe Webstock has established itself as the best web industry event in the world.
In addition, early 2010 marks the tenth anniversary of SilverStripe as a company so that's another reason to celebrate and show our support of world-leading web creativity and development.
For us, Webstock is about pushing the boundaries of what the web is, and how we as humans interact with the web. Hundreds of like-minded people under one roof, figuring out how to shape the web and learning about others' experiences in doing so. Just awesome.
Brian Calhoun - SilverStripe

Silver sponsors


Webstock is the premium NZ event for connecting with like-minded Web Professionals. For me Webstock is the perfect platform to launch our exciting new Website Spark offering.
One of the biggest challenges for smaller web development companies (of which there is a lot of in New Zealand) are based around visibility, training, support and access to the latest software. For many the web moves faster than people's ability to learn and adapt their skillset. Microsoft has recently launched a new global program WebsiteSpark that is designed to address the needs of professional web design companies (with less than 10 people) with no upfront costs. Sixty Five NZ web design companies have already signed up to WebsiteSpark. Having worked personally with some of the companies like Mcgovern, WebsiteSpark is already showing its potential to be a great program for innovative New Zealanders working on the web.
Nigel Parker - Microsoft
Intergen has been a Webstock sponsor since Webstock time began. The web is a key delivery platform for Intergen in almost everything we do, so getting involved with Webstock has always been a no-brainer for us. Webstock gives us access to world-class speakers and an opportunity to mix and share with the wider web community while we're there. Most of all, being part of the Webstock family gives us a chance to keep learning and being inspired - and to help us keep aspiring to be the best and most passionate web practitioners we can be.
As a NZ-born company ourselves, with the potential of technology and the internet foremost in our minds, we're proud to get behind and be associated with a true kiwi success story.
In the words of one of Intergen's dedicated Webstock enthusiasts: 'Webstock is proof that New Zealanders have the passion, commitment and desire to make a difference on the web. As sponsors, Webstock gives us an excuse to find new, cool and exciting ways to be more yellow. And, of course, we wouldn't want to miss out on the fantastic Webstock goody-bags.'
Katy Sweetman - Intergen
3months are a specialist, Agile development and consulting firm. Agile methods and techniques allow us to deliver successful, high-quality web-applications in half the time and budget of our more cumbersome competitors. So when the opportunity came to sponsor this year's Webstock, featuring Agile guru, Esther Derby, we jumped at the chance.
The premier event of it's kind in New Zealand, Webstock provides inspiration and motivation to our fertile web community year after year. 3months are proud to help make this happen.
James Robertson - 3months

3months are associated with Esther Derby.

We love the web. We love that Webstock promotes and champions the best of the best for the web. Webstock is something our team looks forward to every year. A fantastic chance to mix, mingle, discuss and digest the latest in design, development, usability and all things web.
Coming on board as a sponsor was a no brainer for us, an obvious opportunity to support all that we value most in our industry. We are also delighted to be sponsoring the ONYA award for Best Corporate Content. Good luck to all those entering and we look forward to seeing you at Webstock 2010!
Bron Thomson - Springload

Springload are associated with Daniel Burka.

Bronze sponsors

The thing we love about Webstock is, not only does it bring the web world's best and brightest to our doorstep, it brings together NZ's best and brightest as participants. DigitalNZ now connects NZ digital photos, docs, video, and sound from more than 75 organisations through our data sharing APIs. We want to encourage kiwi remixes, mashups and content applications galore... and Webstock is perfect for helping us to spread the word.
Andy Neale - Digital NZ
Our staff told us that Webstock was the number one event they wanted to go to and be involved with. We love that the Webstock crew have been able to attract the big global names in our industry and bring them down to show them what we're doing. It's a privilege to be involved with such an important annual event for the industry and New Zealand.
Rod Drury - Xero

Xero are associated with Kevin Rose

Affilorama is a leading provider of affiliate marketing training, offering a number of high-quality training solutions including Affilorama Premium and AffiloBlueprint, both leading products in the affiliate training industry, as well as producing online marketing tools, software and free training content.
As a small New Zealand company competing on the world stage, we are proud to sponsor Webstock and be associate with the extraordinary talent we have in the web development community here in New Zealand. Events like Webstock are a fantastic opportunity to aid the creativity and development of our technology industry.
Simon Slade - Affilorama
The launch issue of Idealog had been out for just a month when the first Webstock was announced, and right away we wanted to be there. Our beat is ideas and business, and the Webstock formula -- great speakers, a cracking pace, a clued-up crowd and an unhinged after-party -- is the perfect way to celebrate great ideas (and inspire a few more). And Wellington is the perfect spot for it.
Idealog is delighted to again support Webstock in 2010, and we'll be reporting from the floor. See you there.
Matt Cooney, Editor

Event partners

For a number of years, the airline has been talking about the flexibility that enables us to adapt the business quickly to prevailing conditions. At the centre of our flexibility is technology. Technology allows us to transform, differentiate and experiment where our competitors cannot.
In the last 6 years, nothing has changed our business more than the explosion of the web and the growth of our online channel to more than 1 billion dollars per annum. As the only non-technology company sponsoring Webstock, we are proud to support New Zealand's web community.
Young Ly - Air New Zealand