Design systems seem to be eating the world. Organizations large and small have realized they need not just a multi-platform digital strategy—they need a system to manage it. In other words, just as you figured out this whole “responsive design” thing, now you’re hearing talk of “pattern libraries” and “content models” and “governance.” How does it all fit together?

You’re in luck! Join Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte for a full-day workshop, where we’ll look at strategies and techniques for planning, creating, and maintaining a design system.

We’ll also talk about processes to ensure your content and messaging aren’t an afterthought. We’ll help you translate your designs into reusable patterns, and talk about how teams across the organization put those patterns to work.

What you'll learn

What will people walk away with from the workshop?

  • Methods for deconstructing a design into reusable components
  • Strategies for selecting software to manage a pattern library
  • An understanding of different models for governing a design system
  • Processes for identifying structured content objects
  • Tools for documenting and sharing content and editorial work
  • Ways to integrate content structures with design systems

Who it's for

This workshop is intended for content strategists, designers, developers, product managers – basically, any digital professional involved in the creation and maintainance of a multi-platform digital product that would benefit from a design system.


What you'll need

It’s helpful if participants bring a laptop and/or mobile phone.

Thursday 27 Jun
Michael Fowler Centre
$695 with conference badge, $795 without