Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Canva

Cameron Adams is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Canva, an online design platform with over 10 million users, where he focuses on the product’s future direction and the creation of innovative experiences.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne in 2001, Cameron started a design agency that produced work for global clients such as Atlassian, NEC, TEDx and Sydney Festival. When Google came knocking in 2007 he couldn’t resist the call and spent the next four years helping Lars and Jens Rasmussen — Cofounders of Google Maps — realise the design vision for their groundbreaking communication tool Google Wave.

In 2011, he founded an ambitious email startup with two other Google alumni before meeting Melanie Perkins & Cliff Obrecht, and helping them build the beginnings of Canva. He now leads the design and product strategy for Canva’s apps, which grew from 1.5 million users to over 7 million users in 2015 alone.