Pre-conference Workshops

Building Performant Websites with Tim Kadlec $795 ($695*)
Leading UX: Influencing culture & growing teams with Kim Goodwin $795 ($695*)
How to be clear: the elements of content design with Jonathon Colman $795 ($695*)
Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design with Lisa Welchman $795 ($695*)
Deconstructing Delight: The Workshop with Jared Spool and Dana Chisnell $795 ($695*)

Main Conference Schedule

The full programme will be coming soon but you can count on 20+ talks over two days on everything from the UX of government to the UX of space suits; from artificial intelligence to agile; from digital governance to democratising cities to designing for delight and for performance.

It’ll be intensive: we’ll kick off talks around 8.30am and finish around 6pm. Plus there’ll be events in the evening, to connect and chill with your fellow Webstockers.

T’will be a veritable feast of inspiration, practical application, inspiration and illumination to help you do your best, most impactful work, both personally and professionally.