Pre-conference Workshops

Leading UX: Influencing culture & growing teams with Kim Goodwin $795 ($695*)
Building Performant Websites with Tim Kadlec $795 ($695*)
How to be clear: the elements of content design with Jonathon Colman $795 ($695*)
Deconstructing Delight: The Workshop with Jared Spool and Dana Chisnell $795 ($695*)
Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design with Lisa Welchman $795 ($695*)

Main Conference Schedule


Conference opening

Greetings and a warm hearty welcome to Webstock ’17 from Mr Mike Brown

Tim Kadlec

Scenarios and storyboards: Getting to structure and flow
Kim Goodwin

Morning tea

Eating and drinking

Empathy and Web Performance
Lara Hogan

When Great UX Goes Offline
Katie Dill

Staying Human
Lisa Welchman


More eating and drinking

Charles Babbage’s mouse pointer
Marcin Wichary

How the tech sector could move in One Direction
Sacha Judd

Humanities x Technology
Ashley Nelson-Hornstein

Afternoon tea

Yet more eating and drinking

Emoji for fun and profit
Cal Henderson

Why Beauty Matters
Stefan Sagmeister

Beats and Brews

Good times. Great tunes. Even more eating and (cash bar) drinking.

BNZ Start-up Alley

BNZ Startup Alley

6 Start-ups. 2 winners. Fame! Fortune! Free-flowing love and adoration!


Hello again

Welcome back! A short message to outline the goodness that awaits you on day two.

Wicked Ambiguity and User Experience
Jonathon Colman

Beyond The UX Tipping Point
Jared Spool

Morning tea

Eating and drinking

If This Was Real Life, You’d Be Dead (or at least really uncomfortable)
Lindsay Aitchison

Go where the work is. Inside the US Digital Service.
Janine Gianfredi​

Scaling Lean: Principles over Process
Jeff Gothelf


More eating and drinking

The Dark Matter of Democracy
Indy Johar

Unseen, unknown, untitled
Darius Kazemi

Talking to Artificial Intelligence
Genevieve Bell

Afternoon tea

Even more eating and drinking

Toward Humane Tech
Anil Dash

Patricia Moore


Drawing on her inspirations – RBG; Maude Lebowksi & the Dowager Countess, Lady Violet – Natasha Lampard will present her now customary Webstock closing performance.


The officially excellent post-match function. Eating, drinking, chatting, chilling out. Rather nice, we think it will be. Rather nice indeed. (Venue to be revealed!)


Please note this programme is subject to change. Like life itself.