Pre-conference Workshops

Responsive Design: Content, Code and Collaboration (Day 1 of 2) with Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane $1495 ($1295*)
CSS Architecture for Large-Scale UIs with Harry Roberts $795 ($695*)
Managing Humans with Michael Lopp $450 ($395*)
What to do when the Git hits the fan with Keavy McMinn $450 ($395*)

Main Conference Schedule



Check in and collect your necessary identification elements and associated Webstock paraphernalia

Conference opening

Greetings and the sharing of important information.

The Fraud of Authenticity
Heather B. Armstrong

Designing Interfaces for Astronaut Autonomy in Space
Steve Hillenius

Screen Time
Luke Wroblewski

Morning tea

Eating and drinking.

The Map and The Territory
Ethan Marcotte

CSS Wizardry
Harry Roberts


More eating and drinking.

Graffiti & The Internet
Askew One

Rockets of India
Anab Jain

“A Jewelled Net”: Music, Mindfulness, People and Planet!
Leila Adu

Afternoon tea

Yet more eating and drinking.

Museums Are F***ing Awesome
Nick Gray

On Rejection, or how the worst moments of your life can turn out to be the best
Debbie Millman

Beats and Brews

Beats and Brews

Good times. Great tunes. Even more eating and (cash bar) drinking.

BNZ Startup Alley

BNZ Startup Alley

6 Start-ups. 2 winners. Fame! Fortune! Free-flowing love and adoration!


Hello again

Welcome back! A short message to outline the goodness that awaits you on day two.

Adaptive Content, Context, and Controversy
Karen McGrane

The End of Ignorance
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Morning tea

Eating and drinking.

Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements, Writ Large (aka Humorous Self-Flagellation and the Multiple Benefits of Being Old On The Internet)
Anna Pickard

The Panopticon: Resistance is Not Futile
Annie Machon


More eating and drinking.

The Shape of Things
Tom Coates

How to mend a broken identity
Keavy McMinn

Afternoon tea

Even more eating and drinking.

Fear is a Liar
Michael Lopp

Why The Next Big Thing In Tech Is Disrupting Sex
Cindy Gallop

The Gospel of Doubt
Casey Gerald


A message of thanks and a song of farewell.

After party

The officially excellent post-match function. It’s gonna be rad. (There’ll be more eating and drinking too.)