Dr. Nishant Shah is the Dean of Graduate School at ArtEZ University of the Arts, The Netherlands, a Visiting Professor at Leuphana University, Germany, and on the governing board of the Centre for Internet & Society, India, which he also co-founded. He is committed to producing and expanding public and open infrastructures for digital connectivity, networking, mobilisation and organisation towards resilient lives, equitable societies, and inclusive futures. His research, education, learning, and activism is at the intersections of material digital technologies, identity politics, emergent political organisation, and connected critical learning. Nishant serves as steering committee and advisory members to various groups like the Digital Media and Learning (DML) project at the University of California Humanities Research Institute and HASTAC in the USA, the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Consortium (Hong Kong/ South Korea), and the Global Network of Centres for Internet & Society. Nishant loves his role of translating knoweldges between different stakeholders and appreciates his position as a public intellectual, which involves government consultations, civil society resource building, public writing for the newspaper The Indian Express, and public speaking where he tries to synthesis and circulate knowledges to build networks of affinity and action. He is currently invested in exploring and examining the conditions of Emergent Digital Intelligence and the challenges it throws to our imaginations of being human in the Internet of Everything. In his free time Nishant spends a lot of time trying to be the cyborg he always wanted to be.