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Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett

Hi, I’m Chris Shiflett, a web developer from Brooklyn, NY, and a founding member of Analog, a web design and development co-operative.

When inspiration strikes, I can be found scribbling on my blog at shiflett.org, or on Twitter as @shiflett. In 2007, I started PHP Advent, an Advent calendar for the PHP community.

I have authored and co-authored a few books — most notably Essential PHP Security and HTTP Developer’s Handbook — and I occasionally write articles for publications like Smashing Magazine, where I also serve on the editorial panel.

My passion for sharing ideas has brought me to a few conferences — including OSCON, Webstock (hooray!), and the Future of Web Apps — and events like Foo Camp, Kiwi Foo Camp, and the Microsoft Web Dev Summit.

When not in front of a computer, I can usually be found playing soccer in Prospect Park or riding my single-speed bicycle around Brooklyn.