5 things – Mike Brown

The brief: Tell us about 5 songs *and/or* films. It could be the ones you think are the greatest. Or that move you most. Or that are under-appreciated. Something along those lines.

The people: Webstock speakers and assorted Webstock people.

Today with Mike Brown. These are 5 songs I associate with Webstock.

Anything Could Happen – The Clean

This is the song we opened the very first Webstock, in 2006, with. That sense of wide-eyed possibility:

Anything could happen
And it could be right now
And the choice is yours
So make it worthwhile

is at the heart of what Webstock means to me.

That Summer Feeling – Modern Lovers

Webstock happens in Summer and I always associate it with Summer and this is my favorite Summer song! We opened Webstock ’11 with this song. And it *has* to be the version with the “dip dip” backing vocals. Jonathan Richman has a kind of unbridled innocence that trumps cynicism most every time.

Poi E – Patea Maori Club

We played this song to start Day 2 of Webstock ’13. Listening to it rocking through the Town Hall meant the day couldn’t be anything but amazing.

Calling All Angels – Jane Siberry

This is my go-to song when things are tough and I need some help. “Calling all angels, Help me through this one” can become like a mantra. There’s been a few times during Webstock’s history I’ve needed it!

Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying – Belle and Sebastian

I was watching the wonderful documentary about ‘If You’re Feeling Sinister’ and it struck me that this song sums up what we’ve tried to with Webstock as well as anything. We didn’t know anyone making conferences how we thought they should be made – so it might as well be us. We didn’t stand a chance – although, somewhere down inside, we kinda thought we might.

Winning smiles and naivety are very underrated!