1, 2, 3: Webstock speakers interview!

We thought: let’s interview the Webstock 08 speakers — so all those extremely intelligent people who plan to attend will learn a bit about the person behind the name.

And then we thought: the extraordinarily cool attendees should ask the questions …

So, here goes:

  1. Name who to ask — out of Amy, Damien, Dan, Derek, Heather, Jason, Jill, Kelly, Liz, Luke, Michael, Nat, Peter, Rachel, Russell, Sam, Scott, Shawn, Simon, Tom.
  2. Say what you want us to ask them. If you like, include your name and a link to your website — we’ll publish them.
  3. Email us your question.

We’ll collate the questions and interview the speakers. Read the answers on the blog here as they arrive.

Email us now.