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On the 3rd of November we had a wonderful evening launching The Great NZ Remix & Mashup Competition. In addition to great keynote speakers Mike Hodgson and Pamela Fox, we also had 9 wonderful presentations broadly around the theme of sharing, remixing and mashing up data and content. There was a lot of interest in having the slides available afterwards, so in the best traditions of sharing, here’s the ones we have!

Mashups as Art: The Palette, The Tools, The Canvas, and the Masterpieces – Pamela Fox

The web mashup is a work of art, and the web developer behind it is the artist. APIs and open data make up the colors of the palette, the frameworks are our tools, and the best mashups are made by developers who know how to combine these together in surprising and pleasing ways onto the canvas of the web. This talk will look at the history of this modern art form, review the growing list of raw materials, and showcase the most impressive mashup masterpieces.
HTML version – (Optimized for Chrome.. heavy on the CSS3, light on the JS)

Open Data Everywhere – Get Inspired – Glen Barnes

Open Data is more than just bus timetables and crime statistics. Take a fast paced ride through examples of how we could use open data if only we could get a hold of it.

Time, travel with Maurice – Robyn Gallagher

How relevant today is a 40-year-old New Zealand travel guide? Robyn reveals how Maurice Shadbolt’s 1968 book “The Shell Guide to New Zealand” has become her constant travel companion, amid its curious recommendations of tourist attractions, the historic cannon that wasn’t, and the last days of the Chinese gooseberry.

Transcript of Robyn’s presentation

Anatomy of a Visualisation – Chris McDowall

We see the results of creative data visualisation exercises all over the web but it is rare that an audience gets to peek inside the design process. Chris will provide a whirlwind tour of a geographic mashup’s creation, before turning to the matter of, “So, what does this actually mean?” Expect to see some maps…. lots of maps.

My ID, Your Intrepretations – Annabel Youens

Annabel takes a look digital music information and how our personal tastes are being filtered, mixed up and blended with public art, music & stories.

Curtailing Crustaceans with Geeky Enthusiasm – Rob Coup

As a young and time-poor yachtie I need to get a leg up over the old barnacles who spend every afternoon out racing on the harbour. Can my two friends technology & data help me kick ass and take home the prizes?

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