The food, drink & schwag of Webstock 2017

It’s Webstock Week this week! YAY! Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the things you can expect at the main event on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 February….


We’ve tried to select things that aren’t bad for our lil’ planet – stuff that can be reused, recycled or repurposed. So this year, here’s what we’ve got for you…

Webstock t shirt

Two designs. Two styles of fit. Many sizes: small, medium, large, xl and 2xl. Also available in kids’ sizes for our lil’ Webstockers of the Future.

T shirts made by ASColour, and produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions.

Webstock web socks

Merino blend business socks, knitted from the finest natural and performance yarns, perfect for business time and other times too.

Notebook & writing implement

A fine-looking, sustainable repository for your notations, ruminations, ideations and illustrations, made from paper given a second chance at life. These have been handmade by Misprint and Wakefield Digital, specially for Webstock.

(Did you know that by repurposing this paper we’ve saved 200 litres of water – 266 standard water bottles! I did not know this. But now I do.)

A Webstock receptacle

 This year, a choice: a water bottle or a coffee cup.

Both the Webstock coffee cup and the Webstock water bottle are made of recyclable BPA-free plastic and can be operated one handed with a simple push of the button. The bottle has the look of glass, but neither the heaviness nor the breakability, and it’s recyclable at end of its life.

Both receptacles are reusable, durable, stylish and come with a spill-resistant lid* (we tested – it’s true!) and a drinking hole is designed for optimum liquid flow. (We tested that too – and it’s true!)

Without doing anymore than using your Webstock receptacle instead of the one-use coffee or plastic water cups, you are limiting the amount of unnecessary waste into landfill, making the Earth cleaner and happier.

Lastly, we’re not doing new bags this year. We’ve taken on board the feedback from the past few years about folks having just too many Webstock bags – and to be fair, we may have a few too many ourselves (as pictured).

So bring along one of your bags from Webstock past if you have one. Or another bag you own. Whatever works for you really.

You may also wish to acquire one of the vintage Webstock bags that will be available, if you don’t already have one.





Your nourishment and sustenance while at Webstock’s main event on Thursday and Friday is very important to us.

Much of the food available will be locally and sustainably sourced. All the offerings at morning and afternoon tea and lunch will be gluten free, and at least half vegetarian. There will also be a sizeable range of organic, plant based, vegan, dairy free and nut free options.

Amongst other things, we’ll have…


Mojo Coffee, Webstock’s official coffee partner, will be brewing up more ways than one to get your fix. They’ll be serving up delicious coffee from their beautiful café downstairs, or join them upstairs and enjoy alternative brew methods like batch brew filter coffee, chilled cold brew and Steampunk single origin coffee.

This is an ideal opportunity for you to break in your new Webstock coffee receptacle for continuous refills.

Cola, Juice & Water
We’ll have organic fairtrade Karma Cola, along with Gingerella, Lemmy, Apple & Feijoa, Pear & Ginger, Raspberry & Lemon and Lime & Cranberry, Blood Orange and Blackcurrant.

There’ll also be organic juices from Almighty, who contribute 3c from every bottle sold to help dig vege gardens in schools and teach kids to cook with fresh, healthy produce. Flavours include Apple; Beetroot; Carrot; Guava, and Orange & Apple Juice.

These beverages will be available all day. And are free.

Plus there will be water stations aplenty, situated around the venue to help keep hydration at optimal levels. Use your Webstock bottle if you have one, why don’t you!


Garage Project beer o’clock will take place at afternoon tea time, both days. While we all love a good free beer, let us embrace patience as we anticipate high demand and decent-sized queues.

We would say something about drinking responsibly here, but we know you know that already.

Ice Cream

Back by popular demand,  we’ll be serving tasty ice cream and non-dairy frozen treats. From the Wooden Spoon Boutique Freezery, we have ice cream sandwiches in the following flavours:

Birthday Party – Cake batter ice cream between 2 funfetti sugar cookies

Brownie Sundae (gf) – Salted vanilla ice cream between 2 gluten free chocolate brownie cookies

Velvet Whoopie – Raspberry chip ice cream between 2 red velvet whoopie pies

We’ve also got Little Island, New Zealand’s first coconut-based ice cream. It’s vegan, dairy free, nut free and soy free. Available throughout the day in chocolate and mango flavours.

The ice cream at Webstock ’17 is brought to you by the fine folk at Pushpay. Thank you Pushpay!

Tacos & Dumplings & Sweeties

On Thursday, after the last talk of the day, and before Startup Alley, a cash bar will be in operation. And thanks to La Boca Loca, House of Dumplings and Sweet Release Cakes and Treats, a delightful assortment of tasty treats will be available for purchase.

La Boca Loca will be serving chilangas. They use fresh, responsibly produced, sustainable cuisine, and organic produce whenever possible.

House of Dumplings will also have a selection of their moreish morsels – handmade from scratch in Wellington using the recipes and techniques passed down from generations of dumpling makers. They use locally sourced, 100% natural, free range, and MSG free ingredients.

Sweet Release Cakes and Treats will be serving their delicious made-from-scratch desserts with gluten free and vegan options.

There will be eftpos.


And to celebrate the Webstock Week that was, there’s a post match function taking place at Prefab. There’ll be an excellent assortment of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and lashings of hearty food to keep you hydrated, nourished and in the party kind of mood.