Garr Reynolds – Presentation Zen master class

We’re delighted to have Garr Reynolds back in Wellington for three Presentation Zen workshops to be run on 8,9,10 July. The 10 July workshop is an advanced one for those who have attended a previous workshop with Garr.

Garr is on a crusade to make presentations more interesting, useful and relevant. His blog is widely-read and his Presentation Zen book was ranked #3 on Amazon’s Top-10 Business books of 2008.

Those who attended Garr’s workshops here last year uniformly raved about the quality of the teaching and the lessons and tips they learned. These workshops are a chance to learn from one of the world’s best teachers on presentation.

Why should you come?

It’s simple. You’ll leave feeling more confident and assured about the presentation and talks you’ll need to give in the future. And presentation matters more than ever in today’s world. The ability to present well dramatically increases your chances of success and of conveying the information you want to get across. It’s a skill that can be learned, and these workshops will shortcut the time you require to become a good presenter.

The workshop will cover all aspects of presentations – from preparation to design to delivery. They are for everyone who needs to talk in front of an audience, big or small.

And there’s also an optional lunch where you can eat and hang out with Garr and the other participants in a relaxed setting.

You can register here for the workshop.

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