The Webstock autumn series – Mini goodness

Webstock is about more than kick-ass speakers and learning lots of new, interesting stuff. It’s also a chance to meet up with friends and new folks, to mingle, network and gossip, and to sample fine drink and food. As much as we’d love to run our big conference every month, we kinda think that might, just, be overkill. So we bring Webstock to you in mini-goodness form.

We’re branching out from Wellington, and over the next couple months will also be running Webstock Minis in Auckland and Christchurch. We’re totally excited about being able to take Webstock on the road, and just really looking forward to meeting up with lots of you again. Next week we’ll be putting up more details about the Minis – speakers, locations and even a form to sign up and come along. But as a teaser, here’s the dates and a little something about each.

Tuesday 22 April – Wellington Webstock Mini with special guests the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra.

Tuesday 13 May – Christchurch Webstock Mini also featuring Craftstock.

Thursday 26 June – Auckland Webstock Mini featuring Garr Reynolds plus a Craftstock.

Tuesday 1 July – Wellington Webstock Mini featuring Garr Reynolds.

Mark these dates on your Google calendar!

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