The business case for Webstock

A number of people have approached us recently about help in putting together a business case for them to attend Webstock in February.

Here’s our thoughts.

1) Webstock is an unparalleled training opportunity

Studies have shown clear links between workplace happiness and training. Some of the happiest workers are those who feel they have a lot of opportunities for professional development. Investing in training makes workers feel appreciated and, consequently, more loyal.

Webstock offers New Zealand’s best training for the web industry. There are no other conferences here specifically for the web industry and there are few other opportunities for in-depth workshops such as Webstock brings.

More than most, the web is an industry where training pays dividends: new products, new services, new standards and new players are emerging constantly. Knowing what’s important, and how and when it can be used, is vital and Webstock is a unique opportunity to hear the latest thinking, informed debate, and thorough analysis of the changing face of web.

And because Webstock is a New Zealand event, you don’t need to travel overseas to access the training you need – it’s right here in your own back yard.

2) You’ll be better at your job

Webstock will enable you to do your job better. You’ll have skills, techniques and ideas you didn’t have before. We cover all aspects of the web industry – developers, designers, information architects, user experience, project managers, business owners – and expose you to some of the world’s best in each of these fields.

Webstock is also a rounded experience. At Webstock 09, you’ll be exposed to diverse topics, ranging from Open platforms to online communities; AJAX for Accessibility to Agile development; designing for the social web to data mining. This diversity will allow you to examine what you do from many different angles and objectively evaluate the pros and cons of various web strategies, processes and technologies. It will help you make decisions that are right for your organisation.

In addition, the pre-conference workshops are an unmatched opportunity to learn in a practical, hands-on manner from the best of the best. They’ll give you the latest need-to-know info and help you validate the current direction of your web projects and avoid common pitfalls along the way. You’ll receive objective, reliable information that you can use to plan your website or application evolution.

3) The speakers are some of the best in the world

You’ll hear from respected thought leaders and experts in the field whom you can reference throughout the year. They will answer your questions about technological capabilities, system features/functions, business/economic models and life-cycle costs.

These are not people pontificating and theorising. These are not only people who’ve “walked the walk”; they’re the people who’ve built the path. All Webstock speakers are encouraged to be available throughout the conference and we’ve many stories of attendees who’ve gained a lot from chatting with one of the speakers during a break.

The speakers are also great presenters. At a conference, it’s not enough to be expert in your field, you also need to be able to present clearly, forcefully and memorably.

4) You’ll come back better networked

Let’s face it, it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know. And this works at every level – from being able to ask someone about a tricky CSS problem you have, to knowing who to talk to when you’re looking for a development partner, to sharing a coffee with someone who could be commissioning the next website you build. Conferences are about community and networking. People from all levels of the NZ web industry – public and private sector, large and small – attend Webstock. It’s the event for the web industry in New Zealand, and one that you and your organisation can’t afford not to be seen at.

5) You’ll come back inspired

Remember why you got into this industry? Remember the last time you were genuinely excited about building websites and applications? Congratulations if you do, but like many of us, you’re probably struggling with the day-to-day grind of any job.

Webstock is not just another conference. It’s an experience. It’s a chance to recharge, to rediscover your inspiration and to take time thinking about the big picture. It’s not a holiday – you’ll be challenged and stimulated at every step – but the positive effect on you may be the same.

6) Webstock is run by people who care

It’s a conference run by webbies for webbies. We’re committed to fostering excellence and building a vibrant, super-smart web community in New Zealand.

Your time is respected: Webstock is focused, presenting top notch speakers and forward-thinking, relevant and reliable information that will help you make the best possible decision for your network, your company and your career.

Webstock is not another corporate conference preoccupied with making money.


We’ve decided to do this as a blog post because we’re really interested in getting your comments on what the benefits of Webstock are, and what should be in a business case to attend. Please let us, and others, know what you think. Or what’s worked for you in terms of writing a business case. There’s an opportunity here to get some really useful stuff that could be of use to many others.

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