The speaker interviews – Jasmina Tesanovic

The second of our speaker interviews is with Jasmina Tesanovic. Jasmina is a writer, an activist, a feminist and much more.

Webstock: In general, are you an optimistic or a pessimistic person? Are those terms meaningful to you?

Jasmina: I’m a person who turns her back towards the future facing the storms from the past, thrust by storms into the future: Walter Benjamin’s angel of history. Optimism and pessimism are impressionistic human categories to deal with storms of history.

Webstock: In the history of human inventions, how important is the web?

Jasmina: Too recent and big yet to evaluate completely: let’s say revolutionary. Let’s hope it lasts, yet nothing will be the same if it disappears, we will plunge into a medieval state of communication and arts.

Webstock: What can attendees at Webstock look forward to in your presentation?

Jasmina: Some Balkan weirdness and originality: the way my personal history was shaped through war, war crimes and internet was an early experience of a trend that became mainstream.

Webstock: Thanks Jasmina. We’re looking forward to the Balkan weirdness!