Our style impressed Russell Brown

Russell Brown had some things to say about Webstock 08 in his Public Address | Hard News column:

I’m immensely impressed with the style of the conference. The people behind it have correctly deduced that you don’t get a bunch of tech conference stars to fly across the Pacific by being ordinary. It’s not just the organisation, it’s the richness of the branding around it. …

The branding extended even to the speakers’ dinner, at Martin Bosley’s Yacht Club Restaurant, where we arrived on Wednesday night to find personalised pounamo carvings for the first-time guests and lovely little framed works for the returning speakers. The table was set with Webstock-branded menus. The food was fabulous.

“These people,” said one of the visitors, “put more effort into the speakers’ dinner than O’Reilly puts into an entire conference.”

[Via : Public Address | Hard News.]