Craftstock returns to Webstock Mini

Craftstock at webstock, oh how the stock rises.

Because this promises to be the most amazing Webstock mini ever we thought we’d share with you one of our extra special treats.

As part of the evening that is Webstock mini and to remind you of how much fun Webstock will be in February, we’ve brought back Craftstock! Sometimes events have special crushes on each other
and in our case Webstock birdy and Craft2.0 bear thingy like spending special quality time together – so we’ve let them reunite for Craftstock mini at Webstock mini

So just for you, one night only, the posse of Craft2.0 crafters, will be at the Paramount. During the break they”ll be selling the very best and brightest of their wares, much of which won’t be available to the world till Craft2.0 on October 11th. It’s kind of like you get a jump on all of Wellington.

They’ve also confirmed special secret treats (because the best treats are always secret) for everyone who buys something on the night.

So since all your drinks at Webstock mini are FREE, you have no excuse to get ready for a mini shopping excursion.


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