Awards for Excellence and Awesomeness

Last week we noticed that the Webstock 2008 site’s been nominated for the DINZ Best Design awards which is nice. In fact, not to blow our own trumpet, but the Webstock 2008 site received quite a bit of nice feedback in its time including a mention on the esteemed ilovetypography.

A number of people were involved in the making of that site – most of whom did so in their own time, out of the goodness of their own hearts and haven’t been publicly credited for their contribution.

So without further ado, the Natasha Hall Award for Excellence and Awesomeness in the field of Webstock Website stuff goes to:

  • Ben Lampard for all his strategy and site planning. Here’s a guy who makes wireframing sexy
  • Kat Elam, Cam Trollope, Lucy Sellars and Amanda Nilson at DNA for taking what we gave them and turning it into something tres tres chic
  • Mike Brown for his kick-ass html+css skills and indulging me in my request/demand to change the site considerably two days before launch
  • Miraz Jordan, for being a technical wonder
  • Tim James, interaction design extraordinaire, for his invaluable advice and guidance which helped tie everything together

Webstock is a truly collaborative effort. While we have a very clear vision of what we want and how we want it (and thus can be incredibly demanding/anal/obsessive compulsive), we’ve been extremely fortunate to work with certain uber talented people who’ve helped us have that vision realised and even taken further.

Congratulations to all those nominated for the Best awards, including our friends at Origin and Alt Group. Beautiful work guys!

ps Eight sleeps to go till the launch of Webstock 2009!