Looking forward to Presentation Zen

We asked a few people coming to Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen workshops on 30 June and 1 July why they’re attending and what they’re looking forward to…

I would like to learn from the Master of Presentation – honestly, I would imagine it’d be a totally different experience to learn directly from Garr than from his PZ book and website. I also look forward to meeting with the like-minded (creative, cool!) people at this Webstock workshop.

Aisyah Saad Abdul Rahim
Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry [PDF 1Mb]
Universiti Sains Malaysia
– Aisyah has a number of her lecture slides used as examples in Garr’s book.

I spend a lot of time standing in front of people talking – I present design ideas to clients all the time, present at lots of conferences and am teaching more and more full day workshops (I have at least 5 more this year). Although I’ve had lots of practice and think I’m a good teacher, I know there are always things I can learn. But I do have quite a high standard – I’m not going to give my money and time to just anyone. I’m not sure why, but when I saw Garr’s workshop outline and read some of his blog posts, something clicked and I felt that this workshop would be good for me. So when I had a decision between travelling to Sydney for a 2 hour seminar or travelling to Wellington for a full day, it was a no-brainer – if I learn just a few tips that help me present better it will have been worth it.

Donna Spencer
IA person and Webstock 06 speaker

After I read Presentation Zen I changed the way I approached all my writing and training. The techniques I learned in the book transformed a recent conference Keynote address from simply informative to influential and inspiring.

Presentation Zen doesn’t just add a few skills it introduces a whole new approach. When I saw that I could learn directly from Garr Reynolds I immediately signed up for the workshop. I expect to learn to *wow* my readers and live audiences.

Miraz Jordan
Writer and consultant

To develop a great websites you often have to stuff your brain with a whole lot of research to achieve the big “ah ha!” moment (which is more like “aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha!”). Then to sell the strategy you have to boil this long story down to a short one. In Garr Reynolds words, you must “…pass the ‘Elevator Test'” I found the book, Presentation Zen inspiring (on so many levels beyond presenting strategy), and am doubly looking forward to workshopping the key messages in person.

Elyssa Timmer
Boulder Services Ltd

I subscribe to Garr’s blog, I’ve read his book, I’ve watched videos of him speaking. This is a person who has thought deeply about the art of presenting. So his workshop is going to be an unmissable opportunity for me to gain more of his insights.

Olivia Mitchell
Effective Speaking

I’ve been a follower of Garr Reynolds work for some time – primarily through his blog – and think the way he uses presentations to communicate ideas and information is inspirational and powerful. The opportunity to work with him in person is literally TOO good to miss!

Miki Szikszai

Sustainable Future is in the middle of a two year project, called Project 2058, which explores New Zealand in fifty years time. From Garr we hope to learn how to communicate our findings in an effective and thought provoking manner.

Wendy McGuiness
Sustainable Future

I founded a website called BPIR.com which helps organisations to learn from best practices in business. I give presentations and demonstrations of the website all around the world and realised that even though i was promoting best practices my own presentations weren’t best practice! Therefore over the last year I have been trying to correct this though learning from Effective Speaking and now from Garr Reynolds. Hopefully he will not only provider pointers for presentations but also on how to clearly communicate messages through website design

Dr Robin Mann
Founder and Director
BPIR.com Limited