What to expect when you’re expecting Webstock

Things are going to be a lil’ different this year at Webstock.

New venue, new format, new lots of things. Here’s the low-down on some of the stuff that’s new.


So we fell in love with the atmosphere of the St James. It’s beautiful. It’s the home of the Royal NZ Ballet and they know a thing or two about putting on a good show!

It’s resplendent. It’s got character up the ying yang.

It’s got theatre-style seating, rather than the round table thing we normally do. So this will be fun and different, and more akin to a theatrical experience. Which is kinda the vibe we’re aiming for.

Webstock ’14 speakers rehearse this year’s closing dance piece in the St James Theatre.
photo credit: Scoop


We’re doing a single stream conference. 30 minute presentations. No more difficult decisions re which talk to attend. You can see ALL OF THEM! Neato.


While there’ll be wifi galore and power plugs a plenty available in breakout areas, we’re gonna be wifi-free in the main auditorium. This is to aid in your glorious Webstock experience: sometimes all that wifi, and tweeting, and blogging and people playing World of Warcraft next to you, can get in the way of experiencing something awesome. And that’s what we hope you’ll be doing – experiencing awesomeness.


Guess what? We’re not doing bags this year! Yep, we’ve finally taken on board lots of feedback from the past few years about HAVING TOO MANY Webstock bags.

And to be fair, we have a few too many ourselves…

Tash’s collection of Webstock bags. She can’t get into her bedroom.
(photo credit: Ben Lampard)

So we’re taking a break this year and doing something else instead. We really really really REALLY hope you like it!

And there will be bags from past years on sale at steal prices! Plus lots of other Webstock paraphernalia.

Let us embrace this newness while we relish in all the other usual stuff that makes Webstock really rather good!  We reckon it’s gonna be choice. Can’t wait. Eight sleeps to go! YAY!


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