Why you should attend Webstock/5 reasons why your boss should let you go

It’s been scientifically proven that Webstock is good for you. Studies have shown that those who attended Webstock ’06 returned to their workplaces more energised, more knowledgable and more connected.

However, if your boss needs a little more convincing, here are five other darn good reasons why you should register now to get yourself to Webstock ‘08:

You’ll come back better at your job
You’ll be able to do your job better after attending Webstock. You’ll have skills, techniques and ideas you didn’t have before. We’re covering every aspect of the web industry – developers, designers, information architects, user experience, project managers, business owners. Webstock will expose you to some of the world’s best in each of these fields.

From OpenID to SEO; WCAG 2 to online communities; Django to design thinking, the range of topics and opinions will help you examine the possibilities from many different angles and objectively evaluate the pros and cons of various web strategies, processes and technologies, to help you make decisions that are right for your organisation.

And the Webstock workshops will be an unmatched opportunity to learn in a practical, hands-on manner from the best of the best. They’ll give you the latest need-to-know info and can help you validate the current direction of your web projects and avoid common pitfalls along the way.

You’ll come back better networked
Let’s face it, it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know. And this works at every level – from being able to ask someone about a tricky CSS problem you have, to knowing who to talk to when you’re looking for a development partner, to sharing a coffee with someone who could be commissioning the next website you build. Conferences are about community and networking. People from all levels of the NZ web industry – public and private sector, large and small – will be attending Webstock.

You’ll come back inspired

Remember why you got into this industry? Remember the last time you were genuinely excited about building websites and applications? Congratulations if you do, but like many of us, you’re probably struggling with the day-to-day grind of any job. Webstock is not just another conference. It’s an experience. It’s a chance to recharge, to rediscover your inspiration and to take time thinking about the big picture. It’s not a holiday – you’ll be challenged and stimulated at every step – but the positive effect on you may be the same.

You’ll be supporting the New Zealand web industry
We at Webstock are committed to fostering excellence and building a vibrant, super-smart web community in NZ. This can only happen with wide support from within the industry. Webstock is the only event of its kind in NZ; we’d like to think that deserves your support.

You’ll be sexier, more desirable and just glow with that X-factor
Hey, it’s worked for us! This is to convince your partner. Even better, bring them along with you and let them share in the web love and freedom of Webstock.

So whether you come from the education, government or the corporate environment, if you work with any aspect of web design, development, UX/IA, content-editing or project management, this event is just what the doctor ordered. Webstock will be intense, it will be fun, it will inspire you. Register now!

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