TheFreeNet Aotearoa

Imagine free wi-fi in Wellington. Or indeed other cities in New Zealand. Mike Pearson of GOVIS fame has such a vision. Along with some others he’s set up TheFreeNet Aotearoa. The idea is to build a free community wi-fi network using the Meraki Mesh devices.

Webstock is proud to be a sponsor of this initiative and we’ve donated $5,000 towards the purchase of mesh devices. This is one of those ideas that’s potentially transformative to a whole community. Who knows where it might evolve to, but it’s certainly a wonderful initiative and one Webstock is fully supportive of.

There’ll be more detail coming in the next weeks, including the opportunity to be given free devices or purchase them at cost. Stay tuned here on the Webstock blog, or join the Google group to keep in the loop.

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