The Webstock autumn series – Andy Budd and Tantek Çelik

As part of the Webstock autumn series, we’re delighted to announce that Andy Budd and Tantek Çelik will be here for a series of workshops in early May. Neither has been to New Zealand before, so they’re looking forward to it as much as we’re looking forward to having them.

The workshops will be in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and we’ve arranged things so they’ll be on adjacent days – 5 and 6 May in Auckland, 8 and 9 May in Wellington and 12 and 13 May in Christchurch. We’ll also be running a Webstock Mini in Christchurch on 13 May.

We’ll be posting details on the workshops and Mini very soon, but we can say Andy’s workshop will be on Guerrilla Usability Testing and Tantek’s on Microformats. We think they’ll be great!

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