The Webstock Pub Quiz

A sense of fevered anticipation hangs over Wellington tonight. An uneasy sleep awaits those select few entered in the Webstock Pub Quiz as last-minute swotting, research and bribing (ha, if only!) takes place. We have over 20 teams, over 100 people eager to partake of Quizmaster Von Lampard’s downright devious questions.

In the interests of starting the trash-talking early, we publish a list of team names. Please feel free to contribute to that in the comments, and we’ll update this entry with the winners after the event.


The quiz night was great fun! Congratulations to all teams that took part, and especially the winning team – Never mind the Webstocks, here’s the Wellingtonista. Well done guys!

Going into the 6th and final round, the Wellingtonista’s were tied for the lead with Stronger than Dirt, but they looked the pressure right in the eye and recorded a perfect 10 out 10.

A couple of special mentions:

To the Librarians who were consistently the geekiest team, giving each of their entries a Dewey decimal number, annotating answers and providing copious footnotes and providing many illustrations.

To Dinosaur in my Speaker, who were dead at the start of the final round, but recorded a perfect 10 out of 10 in that last round to shoot up the table.

And a huge thank you to quizmaster extraordinaire Von Lampard, who kept the crowd entertained and challenged through the night.

And the results …

Never mind the Webstocks, here’s the Wellingtonista   47
Stronger Than Dirt   44
Zietguys & girls   39
The Banditos   39
Hammer Boner   38
ff00ff   38
INSERT into users (team_name) values (\m/); (METAL)    38
MCH Web-Ref All-Stars   38
The Red Hot Techy Peppers   35
NVincible   34
Team Stagflation   33
Snowmen In Summer   32
One quiz team free to good home…   32
Tard Me’; drop table other_teams1 –   31
Dinosaur in my Speaker   30
The Librarians   30
FUELeD   29
Norfolk and Chance   29
Dunno   27
Ventego Vegans   26
Xero Expectations   25
It’s Quizness Time   23

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