Chrome and Android

If you’d mentioned the words “Chrome” and “Android” to someone a year or so ago, unless they were from the inner recesses of Google, they would have just just looked at you kinda funny. But in the last couple of months, Google have launched these products in the browser and mobile spaces, the ramifications of which will play out in the next year.

Speculation abounds as to the reasoning behind these launches, what they mean and how they’ll affect the existing players in the marker. With that in mind, we’re delighted to welcome back two speakers to Webstock who’re uniquely placed to offer more insight.

Ben Goodger was the Lead Engineer for Firefox and is currently Tech Lead for user interface on Chrome. And, of course, he’s a kiwi! He’ll be talking to us about Chrome, but also in general about where browsers are going and what the implications of all this are. Given Ben’s background and accomplishments, we really can’t think of many better people to present on this subject.

Chris DiBona is the Open Source Programs Manager at Google. With the open source nature of Android, in what has famously been a very closed and proprietary space, we’re looking forward to Chris’ thoughts on Android and its potential as a game-changer for mobile. Anyone who caught Chris’ talk at the last Webstock will know he’s a great speaker with a huge knowledge of the open source movement. And lots of stories to tell, even if sometimes he only hints at them!

We’re sure there will be a lot of interest in the presentations of Ben and Chris and we’re excited about having them back at Webstock.