Webstock gets an API

Here at Webstock HQ we totally get APIs. What’s important to us is sharing — data, information, thoughts, laughs, words and love. And we see an API as a conduit for this sharing. So there’s certain… parameters; certain… constraints; certain… things that need to be in place, when developing our API.

Among these are:

  • The recognition of alcohol as a ‘social lubricant’ *

Actually. That’s it really.

So we asked our developers at Garage Project to hack something together for us.

We’re delighted to introduce the Webstock API, debuting at Webstock ’13 for your enjoyment.

Webstock API logo

Beer – the perfect communication interface – brewed especially for Webstock 2013.

Here’s the technical details from the Project Garage guys:
How do you brew a reverse IPA? In conventional brewing high alpha acid hops are added at the beginning of the boil for bitterness, while low alpha aroma varieties tend to hog the spotlight at the end giving aroma and flavour. For this API we’ve turned the tables, it’s time for the bittering hops to shine. It’s an all kiwi affair with low alpha Kohatu relegated to the beginning of the boil and alpha heavy Southern Cross and Super Alpha (AKA Dr Rudi) coming in at the end.

The essence of programming a good API is considered thought about how to proceed.

It’s vital that the API has a large enough capacity to handle demand

API, just like IPA only backwards.

The Webstock API. Or as we like to say, Cheers!

* Webstock is a place for good times and responsible drinking. While we doubt this would occur, anyone found to be excessively intoxicated and a bit of a douche, will be told off and may be removed from the premises.