The 8 x 5 returns

Eight people speaking. Five minutes each. The 8×5 session at last year’s Webstock was a great success and we’re delighted to say it’ll be returning for Webstock 08. There’s a huge amount of knowledge and passion among those attending Webstock, and we want you to share that with everyone there. The 8×5 offers a chance to do that.

The concept is simple. We’ll select 8 people who’ll be given 5 minutes each to wow the conference audience. You can talk on pretty much anything you like, but make it brief, add some humour, and above all, make it appeal to those who’ll be listening. Products and pitches may be acceptable, but not especially encouraged – this will be a tough audience to sell to.

So you’d like to take part? Great! Send us an email outlining what you’d like to talk about and a brief introduction to you. You will need to be attending the main conference to be eligible to take part. Applications close Friday 30 November.

Applications will be entirely decided upon by the Webstock organisers. Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. We’ll let you know if you succeed or fail in your application.

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