I Can Has IceCream!!

In what some are hailing as the single most important factor in their return to Webstock, organisers are pleased to announce that You Can Has IceCream! Yes, those divine tubs of ice cream will once again be freely available for your culinary and psychological pleasure.

The free ice cream was one of the true highlights of last year’s Webstock, with speakers Steve Champeon raving about the Hokey Pokey flavour and Rachel McAlpine seen returning again and again to the Lemon and Gin. Attendees marveled over the freezers seemingly filling by magic during the breaks and this feature is sure to be appreciated in the heat of February.

In related news, Red Bull will not be freely available during Webstock. Organisers are tight-lipped about this decision, with Mike Brown only saying that, “It’s for health reasons”, and that, “We’re seeking to avoid another ‘Amanda Wheeler incident‘ caused by excessive Red Bull consumption.”

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