Coffee, ice cream and beer. Oh my!

We’re delighted to have three of our friends back at Webstock this year. Peoples Coffee, Wooden Spoon and Garage Project will all be delivering their wonderful and tasteful delights. Here’s the low-down…


Peoples Coffee are a socially conscious business roasting 100% fair trade and organic coffee out of Newtown, Wellington. Heading into our 10th year we’ve been pioneers in the NZ coffee industry, striving for justice and quality of life for the farmers and the best damn cup of coffee around for you.

Peoples are delighted to make a return to Webstock again this year. Fitting in with the amazing surroundings, we thought we’d put on a bit of a show. Webstock is a meeting of great minds and so we wanted to pay tribute to the iconic coffeehouses of Paris 1920’s. When Picasso would rub shoulders with Hemingway and Fitzgerald, sharing ideas, musings and gossip. A bit like the Twitter of the time – #IRL.

If you want a fast fix we’ll have two espresso coffee stations cranking out your favourite coffee order, but if you’re after something to sit and ruminate on then visit us upstairs in our Parisian coffee house for some coffee geekery – pour over, siphons, cold brew and maybe something a little stronger, to get those creative ideas flowing.

Wooden Spoon

There’ll be four choices of ice cream available.

Salted Caramel with Pretzel Crunch

An uber caramel-y ice cream with a dash of sea salt and an irresistible buttery pretzel crunch. Salty and sweet as!

Bubble Gum

A classic from your childhood days, this flavour sneaks colourful gum balls into a creamy bubble gum flavoured ice cream. Two treats in one!

Root Beer Float

A blend of vanilla ice cream and cold American-style root beer. Guaranteed to satisfy any carnival kid!

Vanilla. Straight vanilla

Perfect for the afternoon affogato and the evening liqueur affogato. Oh yes. That will be a thing.

Garage Project

The Webstock API is back and upgraded to version 2.0

Last year’s custom Webstock brew proved so popular, it was inevitable to see it return in 2014. Building on the foam-base from last year, API 2.0 is a ‘Reverse IPA’ where the high alpha acid hops that are traditionally used at the start of the boil, have been pushed right to the end. The result is a unique IPA that is deceptively drinkable yet bursting with hop flavour.

API 2.0 will be available for enjoyment at Webstock events and the numerous quality beer bars around Wellington.