Leaked email – Webstock 09

The following email has come into our possession. In the public interest, we publish it in full below.

From: Webstock organisers
To: Webstock powers-that-be
Date: 9 June
Subject: Progress report


Planning is going smoothly for the Webstock 09 conference. We’ve booked the Town Hall venue in Wellington again for the week of 16th – 20th February 2009.

We’re working on the format for Webstock right now, but it’s likely to be similar to this year – workshops and a two day main conference. Our aim is to raise the bar yet again in terms of quality and presentation and we’ve got a lot of ideas on how we can make this happen.

Budgets are fun as always. It looks like we’ll be able to keep costs at a similar level to this year, subject of course to there still being oil around so we can fly people here!

The hard part is choosing speakers. We’ll be bringing some back from this year, but we’re always conscious of the need to widen the net and bring in new people. Our aim of constantly trying to inspire, educate and delight the web industry in New Zealand remains our key focus.

All is on track for an official conference launch in August. It’s important to keep our plans “under the radar” so we can surprise people. Remember – loose lips sink ships.

We’ll report again soon.

Tash and Mike

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