The Webstock autumn series – Garr Reynolds

Over the course of May and June, we’ll be taking Webstock on the road. To Christchurch and Auckland. It’s time to share the love around! We’ll be holding a series of workshops and Webstock Minis and, prosaically, we’re calling them the “Webstock autumn series”.

To kick things off, announcement-wise though not chronologically, we’re delighted to say that Garr Reynolds will be coming over in late June to conduct some workshops. Garr is best known for his blog, Presentation Zen and his recently published (and wonderful!) book of the same name. Garr is on a crusade against bad presentations, and writes lucidly, engaging and evocatively about how to make them better. His workshops will help you make your presentations better, and he’ll be speaking at Webstock Minis, so you’ll be able to see him in action.

Garr has worked at Apple, he’s consulted for Duarte Design, who put together Al Gore’s Keynote presentation on global warming, and his book carries recommendations from Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin, among others. We’re really looking forward to having Garr here in June!

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