Rachel’s buzzing

Rachel (like so many of us1) needed a post-Webstock rest before she could snap, crackle and pop:

My own response was to not-blog. I was exhausted by all this external cerebral stimulation. I had an urge to hide away and absorb all these new facts and thoughts. To revert to (my) type, which is introvert. Which means no blogging. Which brings an obvious risk of forgetting all the terrific Webstock input.

But the buzz goes on regardless, fortunately. Those synapses have had their little snooze and are now ready to snap crackle and pop again at the slightest provocation. …

Webstock is a playground stocked with great ideas, food, design and especially people. It’s been said before: a conference like no other.

[Via Contented: Webstock 08: the big buzz.]

1: @johubris says Anyone know what the best cure for webstock withdrawl is?

[Via : Twitter / WebstockBot: @johubris says Anyone know ….]