The Embassy, Mukuna and the Trons. Oh My.

It must be the Webstock closing gig! Brought to you by the lovely folks at Google.

Webstock is taking over New Zealand’s finest cinema, The Embassy at the bottom of Courtney place, for the closing night party. A short walk down from the Town Hall, you’ll arrive to red carpet, bouncers on the door, and screaming groupies. (Your mileage may vary on this last item). You’ll be wined and dined for the evening to beats provided by the Mukunas and to a couple of sets by the (world famous in Hamilton) Trons.

It’s a chance to wind-down, to wind-up, to relax and mingle and to ensure you leave your Webstock experience in the very best frame of mind.

There’s also talk of the Webstock after-after party. We’ll keep you posted.

And if you haven’t see the Trons before, here’s a taste of them during their Velvet Underground inspired phase.

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