The meaning of geek designer formal

The dress code for the ONYAs is: ‘Geek designer formal – you’ll know it when you see it. But don’t be that guy who shows up in jeans, t-shirt and sandals.

We’ve had a few queries as to what this means, so though it might be apposite to outline our thinking.

So the first thing is that we made a little mistake – it should read, ‘geek/designer formal‘, rather than ‘geek designer formal‘. [Ed note: I’ve just realised this is the internet. I could actually go and change that!]

It’s an important difference. What we mean is that it’s appropriate formal wear for ‘geeks’ and ‘designers’, rather than ‘formal wear for geeks that is designer-y’.

Broadly (also unfairly and lazily) the Webstock audience has lots of geeks and lots of designers. And working in the web is where the two tribes meet. We appreciate and embrace that. We’re also aware that the word ‘formal’ (in relation to dress) might cause some stress to both parties. The web doesn’t really do formal. But awards, of course, do!

All of which is a roundabout way of saying we’re expecting a wide and unique variation of dress at the ONYAs. We’re looking for you to define ‘formal’ in a way that suits you and in a way that’s appropriate to a night celebrating the best of the New Zealand web industry.

We know, for example, that your host for the evening, MC Russell Brown will be wearing a tux. We know that certain members of the Webstock crew have already been on numerous shopping expeditions in preparation for the ONYAs. And we know that dressing up for an evening like this is fun!

All of that said, we won’t be turning anyone away on the night!

We’re also aware that most people attending the ONYAs will have been at a conference (a most awesome one if we do say so ourselves) all day. We can help with that.

There’ll be a room set aside on the Friday of Webstock to store outfits you might want to change into for the ONYAs. And there’ll be changing rooms available between the time Webstock ends and the ONYAs start.

To help you further, we asked Charles Bird, Director, International Markets and Business Development for Webstock to model appropriate and non-appropriate ONYA attire.

Not appropriate

Definitely appropriate. Understated elegance is never out of style.

An outfit made from Webstock schwag? That’s a winner on the night!

Swandris? Really? No.

If you come dressed in noir, we’re not going to argue or turn you away.

We think you get the picture. It’s going to a fun night. Don’t get too stressed about the ‘formal’, but do dress up a little.

Feel free to ask questions below. We’ll do our best to answer them.

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