Stephen Blyth: scholarship winner profile

Stephen Blyth is optimistic about using the internet to better the lot of people and the planet. He works with community organisations and government departments on web content development, online participation and capacity building projects.

Prior to becoming self-employed in mid-2007 Stephen worked for 15 years in advisory and management in government and NGO sectors. Since 2005 he has been a Trustee of Wellington Region 2020 Communications Trust, a charitable organisation running many innovative community-based ICT projects.

For updates on Stephen’s latest work, gardening and other enthusiasms visit his blog.

Stephen writes

Here’s what Webstock means to me:

Normally when learning about new things I like to be able to gestate, cogitate, dilly-dally. But because the web and online tools, applications and the latest and greatest change so fast, I struggle to find the time to keep up.

I’m working mostly with community and voluntary groups and I don’t think it is fair that they miss out on all the internet has to offer. So, by coming to Webstock, I’m seeing it as a speed date with trends, standards and new ideas, plus I want to converse with others inclined towards using ICTs for social justice and environmental protection.

I’ll pass on any gems I glean to the groups and networks I’m working with.