Exhibiting freedom

Thank you to all those people who have submitted images to our Webstock Freedom photo exhibition.

Images have come from Webstockers and friends close to home, and also from far away, including Richard’s marvelous Gormley and Ralph’s toy camera images.

So what does freedom mean to you? We’ve had some interesting interpretations. There are, of course, a fair number of blue skies and beaches, which our country has in abundance.

Big mean motorcycles have always meant freedom, zooming out on the highway. A slab of merakis for freeing up the net. Dogs and children and dogs with children. Butterflies and fluffy little ducks.

We’re free to have our asses whipped at cricket, and free to drink beer.

A little sex in the city is always a freeing experience, and one can only wonder how the red corset helps Mike to be free! πŸ™‚ Perhaps he’s going to hang it on the bra fence!

You’ve given us some wonderful images here. We thank you, and best of luck to all the Webstockers in the competition for a Nintendo Wii.

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