What happens when you mix webstock with Craft2.0? You get CraftStock, a very special, very exclusive crafty event on Feb 14th.

Post PowerPoint Karoke Idol, Webstockers will get to hang in the custom cocktail lounge, listen to the delightful tunes of Twinset, shop, make, and most probably lust after some very special crafty wares

Why so special? Well to start off with we handpicked 20 of the hottest Craft2.0 makers to bring their creations to you.
Most of them, like us, know how to get their geek on in style, which means you can expect creations made with the discerning Webstocker in mind.

From computer chips to keyboards and birds the Craft2.0 posse has spent summer creating things to make you smile.

But they also know you spending 2 days at a conference is keeping many of you away from your nearest and dearest, so you can use CraftStock to pick up presents to take home. Handmade in NZ presents, which means you can feel all smug about buying something made with love and not mass produced for a shed type selling environment.

But wait there’s more! You can get your craft on yourself. Yes, there will be the opportunity for you to make things yourself, both at CraftStock and in easy to pack take home kits.

Oh, and did we mention the cupcakes?

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