Webstock – what you said

Here’s a roundup of what you said about Webstock. We hope you enjoy the reading. And if there’s a blog post we’ve missed, please add it in the comments.

The Workshops

Designing and Sustaining Creative Communities
Online community management 101
Day One Mastering CSS & HTML
Day Two Agile Goodness
Day Three Accessibility and Ajax

Day one

Webstock day one
An Australian perspective
Nix online legalese, says Flickr
Ze Frank: Hot or Not?

Games are the food of life
Shine a light on me

Day two

When Sterling attacks
How to Improve the Web
Medieval gobbledegook, modern oxymorons

Webstock overviews

Week of geek
So that was Webstock
What I learnt
On Webstock and life
Peace, love and a eulogy for Web 2.0
Webstock 2009 – A Look Back In Anger
I went to Webstock and I all got was a brown t-shirt
What we learned at Webstock
Why Webstock rocks
Tools for the Online Community Circle
Webstock 2009 – Roger Hudson
Webstock 2009 – Xero
This is why Webstock rocks
I love you Webstock 09
My take on Webstock 09
thoughts on webstock
Webstock 09
So that was Webstock 2009

Live blogging of Webstock

Ben Kepes
Kalena Jordan
Kalena at SiteProNews


Webstock video – Roger Hudson

Colin Jackson – live from Webstock [.mp3]

Bruce Sterling – deserving of it’s own links section!

What Bruce Sterling Actually Said About Web 2.0 at Webstock 09 – verbatim transcript
Javascript, the world’s most misunderstood programming language – it doesn’t matter that Javacript has nothing to do with Sun or Java!
Bruce Sterling at Webstock
ItÒ€ℒs Turtles All the Way Down
Why Does Bruce Sterling Hate Web 2.0?
Sterling rant goes viral

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