Nynette Sass: scholarship winner profile

Nynette sass, Webstock 2008 scholarship winner. Webstock is about improving websites and also knowledge-sharing and good web citizenship.

Until we win Lotto we can’t make the Conference free for everyone. But thanks to the help of InternetNZ, and all of you who paid for a ticket, we’re thrilled to be able to provide some scholarships to help 9 people to attend. Two are from Samoa, and the others from various parts of New Zealand.

We reckon the the scholarship winners have a lot to contribute to Webstock.

Over the next few weeks we aim to profile some of the scholarship winners on the blog here, starting with Nynette Sass.


  • is currently CEO of Samoa Hotel Association (SHA).
  • oversees E-booking system and data collection plus being the official, “unofficial” photographer etc.
  • a mad game fisherwoman, enjoys the occasional game of golf, time permitting, especially the 19th hole, sailing, hashing… not the smoking type,
  • is artistic and enjoys playing around in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, time permitting
  • competitive in both sports and business
  • and has an infectious sense of humour.

Nynette says:

I spend most of my working time on the computer and on the Net that it only makes sense to learn more about how I can utilise this media to better help our organisation and furthermore, to share the knowledge with potential converts to improve their business opportunities thru wider exposure etc.

Also check out the following blogs which I am also involved with:

Kind regards

Nynette Sass aka SassygirlBJ (Hash house harrier name)

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